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1.  Will I need to log in every time on my phone?   No !  You will only need to log in the first time that you access the in/out board.  After that, a simple tap will take you right to your personal screen.

2. Is there a faster way to select a "Return Time" when using a PC or tablet ?   Rather than scrolling up & down to select the hours and minutes, click on the hour or the minute (figure 1) and then select the desired hour or minute (11:00 shown in figure 2).  Visit our videos page if you need more info!

return timereturn time minutes


3.  Can I change the master "receptionist / administrator" password ?   Yes !  Log into your "receptionist" program and click on your company name (upper right corner). Select "Change Password".

4  How can I change a user's password?  The fastest and easiest way to change an employee's password is to delete the employee (in the "receptionist / administrator" program) and add them back in with the new password.  The whole process takes less than 1 minute
Note: if your anyone's password is ever changed, their phone will still be trying to access the program with your old password! Your "Check-In Check-Out" phone app will need updating.  Please follow the simple steps here.

5. Using the "Me" and "Everyone" screens on your phone. Instead of tapping "Me" or "Everyone" on your phone, simply swipe left to see everyone. Swipe right to get back to the "Me" screen.

6.  Is there some type of "reminder" for employees to use?  We do offer a free popup "reminder" for Windows© users. It can be set to fire or execute whenever you start up your computer or when you log onto your company's network. Please visit on your laptop or iPad (to see the full screen) the reminder page for more info!

Check-In Check-Out Reminder


7.  Is there a faster way to access the in/out board in the office ?  Create a shortcut on your desktop to bring up either the receptionist screen or your employee sign out screen.

* You can also set your browser to "remember" your credentials if you do not wish to enter the login info each time.

8.  Can the web page screen show more than 50 users?  Yes !   Just above the names is a dropdown box that lets you select how many names to display.

dropdown box


9.  Is there a way to display the employee's phone number ?  One customer simply added employees to the program using their first name and their phone number (or their extension number). Example:

Andy 750-888-1111
David 750-246-8011
Scott 750-123-4567

If you have already added everyone's name in the "receptionist" program you can click the "Edit" button and modify their display name !

10.  Need to see only who's "In" ?  Click the "Status" column's title to sort by status. All of the "In" employees will be grouped together.

11.  Need to group employees by "Department" ?  You could add (or edit) employee names in the "receptionist" program and put a number representing a department in front of their name (example: 1-Scott Sagnette) .. or .. put a short abbreviation for the dept. name in front of their name (examples: Acct-Scott Sagnette, Sales-Scott Sagnette, Admin-Scott Sagnette). Everyone will be grouped together alphabetically by department.

12.  How can I make "Work From Home" light up green like "In" does ?  It's easy. There are 2 options!

  1. Open the Receptionist program
  2. In the left column click Statuses
  3. Either change "Work From Home" to "Working From Home"
    or add "Working From Home" as a new status

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