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Q.  How secure will our web based in/out board be ?   Great question !   Your private office in/out board will be secure, encrypted, and password protected. We've taken great steps to ensure your company's privacy!  We here at Softech will not even have access to your employee's passwords & usernames.

Q. Do you offer any support?   Yes!  We always offer free technical support!  Our response times and product knowledge are legendary!  Email us at the email addresses shown below for fast and friendly support !

Q.  How does it work?   It's simple!   When you fill out the short request form to try 'Check-In Check-Out' for 35 days we'll send simple instructions and a master username & password for your receptionist / administrator. When you add employees to the in/out board you'll give them their username (their email address) and a unique password.

Receptionists/Administrators will have a control screen that displays everyone's status. Regular employees that are not receptionists will be able to use any device (laptop, Mac, cell phone) to access the board. Any employee can download the free Check-In Check-Out app to their phone. It installs in seconds !

Q.  What specific devices will it work on?  Any device!  You can sign in and out on any Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Q.  What if I don't want to use my phone to sign out ?   That's ok !   Employees that wish to use a laptop or desktop rather than their phone can access their personal sign out screen with their username & password that the receptionist / administrator issued them. The screen will look like the receptionist / administrator screen but will only allow that employee to change his or her status.

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