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   Our Most Asked Questions !

Q.  Does the price cover everyone
     or are we charged for each

   The one time cost covers
   everyone at your physical
   location. There are no hidden
   charges, monthly, or annual
   fees! A free reminder is
   included that will check
   individuals back in


Q.  Can we display it on a large
      screen in  our lobby?

   Sure!   Display it on any large
   flat panel monitor. We also offer
   a "summary" screen with extra
   large fonts just for that purpose
   at no extra charge. Ask us !


Q.  What are the system

    Employees should have a
   Windows operating system
   (Windows XP / Windows 7,
   8, or 10). Nothing to install
   on the workstations other
   than a shortcut to the
   program!  No files are shared
   with any other programs.
   Safe and ideal for any size


Q.  How does it work?
   Download and install the
   program into a folder on your
   network. Then simply install
   the shortcut on everyone's
   computer to access the in out
   board with! It is the least
   complicated electronic in/out
   board available anywhere!

   Each employee will have a
   personal sign out screen that
   displays their name at the top

   Your receptionist(s) will have a
   list of everyone's in/out status
   on his or her screen that will
   always be current. He or she
   can also sign individuals in
   and out. It is perfect for any
   size office!


Q.  Can we have more than 1
      receptionist ?

   Sure!   Optimally you'll want to
   have no more than 2 or 3
   individuals accessing the
   "Receptionist" or control
   program .. most individuals
   will be accessing their
   personal in/out screen
   that displays their name at
   the top automatically (it
   also has a summary screen
   much like the "Receptionist"
   main screen) as shown in
   our online demo!

  new item   If you have individuals
   sharing a computer they can
   still bring up their personal
in/out program!


Q. Can we move our program
     to a new server ?

   No problem !  Look for "Need to
   move to a new server?" on the
   menu bar under "Quick Start
   Guide". There is also a
   "How_To.txt" file in your
   program's folder with simple


Q. Do you offer any support?
   Yes!  We offer free technical
   support ! Our response time
   and product knowledge are
   legendary! Email us at any
   of our email addresses for
   fast and friendly support !


Q.  Can we use our SmartPhone
      to change our status ?

   We feel individuals should be in
   the office when they sign "In".

   We've tried to keep Check-In
   Check-Out as simple to use and
   as inexpensive as possible !



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